About Us – Fior di Loto India Foundation


We are a tax-free foundation helping Indian girls who do not have a chance to get any education in the neighboring village of Pushkar, state of Rajasthan northwest India. In addition, we are improving the quality of life to the impoverished community.

Pushkar is well known for the 550 temples including the only one dedicated to Lord Brahma in India. A desert surrounds the city and every November, the largest and the most important camel fair is celebrated here.


Mara Sandri, International President

Mara was born in Bologna, Italy. Since she was very young, she has maintained an interest in helping others. During her time in Italy, she worked for a government office, serving people.

When she moved to the Dominican Republic, she opened her hotel business.There she has built a reputation for improving and saving people’s lives. After visiting India in 1983, she found India to be her spiritual home and here she felt was her true calling for helping others.


Guadalupe Tapia Paykar, Secretary

Guadalupe was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She grew up in a small neighborhood in a big family. They always helped each other and giving and sharing was their sense of pride.

As a teenager, she worked in a community program. Later, as a sociologist, she developed programs for women’s organizations in rural areas. She is proud to be part of the “Fior di Loto Foundation” because she believes that education can change and improve the life of many. Today she is the inspiration of the foundation.

deepuDeepu Maharshi, President in INDIA

Deepu was born in the holy town of Pushkar, India. He is a Brahmin (Priest). His dream is to build a free school where everyone can attend. When he met Mara and Guadalupe, his dream came true through the “Fior di Loto Foundation”. Doing this social work, he says: “It feels like heaven”.

He has promised to work only for this foundation until he grows too old. Today Deepu is the anchor of the foundation in Pushkar.